Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

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The Lord Selkirk School Division employs one half time occupational therapist as part of the Student Services Centre team.The occupational therapist works as part of school teams to provide assistance with therapy programming for individual children or groups of children. The occupational therapist completes assessment, provides recommendations, monitors and re-evaluates ongoing programming. The occupational therapist provides consultation and training to enable school staff members to carry out programs and may assist with a child's IEP in related domains.

Referral Process

A child's school team will make a referral to Student Services Centre for occupational therapy services. Parents/guardians are asked to provide consent to have the occupational therapist work with their child, and for sharing information with other service providers that work with their child if required.

OT Services May Include:

Provision of consultation, assessment, programming and/or recommendations for the following:

  • Posture, balance, coordination, cognition, neurodevelopment, perceptual, visual-motor and fine motor skills
  • Ability to engage in, initiate and complete school tasks
  • Pre-printing, printing, writing, keyboarding and computer access skills
  • Self-care routines
  • Sensory processing
  • Social, emotional and behavioral issues
  • Ability to move around the school and playground safely
  • Mobility within the school and community
  • Specialized equipment needs and training of staff members in the safe use of equipment
  • Provision of input to teachers regarding programming for inclusive classroom based activities and adaptations for students.
  • Collaborate with teachers, and educational assistants to enhance programming for students with disabilities.