Reading Clinician

Reading Clinician

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The Reading Clinician is a professional with certification as both a teacher and as a Reading Clinician by the province of Manitoba. Certification requires a Master's Degree in Education and additional courses in clinical reading, literacy and learning. Reading Clinicians are able to provide a range of services to address the needs of learners from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. A team approach with the School Psychologists, Speech/Language Pathologists and Reading Clinician is used to support student's literacy growth and development.

Reading Clinician Services May Include:

- Informal and Diagnostic assessments are used to identify learning strengths and areas that need support in the areas of reading, writing and spelling

Intervention Strategies
- Evidence-based strategies are used to support the development of literacy skills and enhance student learning connected to classroom, small group and individual instruction

Consultative and Collaborative Support
- Provide workshops to school staff, parent information sessions, and co-teaching support
- Assistance with the development of school-wide literacy assessment and the development of literacy programs