Inclusion Teacher

The Inclusion Teacher provides supports to students with developmental disabilities and Autism at all grade levels in a variety of ways including academic planning, positive behaviour support, and program delivery.

Academic planning support is individualized to the needs of the student and is done in collaboration with the school team. Learning experiences are differentiated to meet the student's individual goals and may include strategies such as the use of visuals and hands-on activities. The goals may be related to curricular subject areas and/or social learning and functional skills such as cooking, personal care, and community living.

The Inclusion Teacher provides training and coaching in the Studio 3 Low Arousal Approach, a gentle, non-aversive approach to managing challenging behaviour. This is a criterion-based training, working with staff to develop specific skills to meet the particular needs of the student. The approach promotes an understanding of the reasons students demonstrate behaviours of concern, so that needs can be addressed. It is designed to be proactive and considers the student's unique story.

A team of Student Services clinicians and teachers have developed the Eagle's Nest program to extend the supports available to the students and the school teams. The Inclusion Teacher manages the program and supports the transfer of learning into the school and community environment. The Eagle's Nest program provides a specialized learning environment with active, targeted teaching to develop functional skills, focusing on long term growth. All program goals have meaningful inclusion in both the school and surrounding community as the foundation for learning. These goals are part of the student's academic program and the students receive an Eagle's Nest report card to monitor progress.